Network Audit and Optimization

Network Audit

Our certified systems engineers will use a variety of industry-recognized tools to scan your network and create a comprehensive report detailing its overall health and security. This IT systems audit will not only show you exactly what needs to be corrected in order to prevent a possible compromise of your network, but also detail systems inventories and graphical mapping of the network topology. Our engineers will scan for over two thousand software and configuration vulnerabilities. Also, explicitly laid out in the final report will be step-by step fixes for configuration errors and references to security patches and upgrades.
Our Approach
We will start out with a baseline assessment showing an initial "snapshot" of the overall network. We will then dig deeper into the servers and document their compliance with vendor-recommended patch levels. Once deficiencies are identified, the fixes are applied and re-scanned. The most serious issues would be addressed, as well as a complete system inventory including hardware and software installed throughout the network. The final step would be to re-scan the entire network for a comparative analysis with the baseline. The only remaining vulnerabilities should be due to corporate policy conflicts or administrative misconfigurations.
What We Do:
  • Analyze client's network to identify vulnerabilities due to missing updates or administrative misconfiguration.
  • Provide vendor recommended patches to bring systems into compliance with industry standards.
  • Work with the management and support staff to correct flaws in policy, design or implementation.
The Report:
Our Network Audit report offers a detailed view of the network. Included are individual hardware, software and network service inventories for every host on the network. Compliance with patch levels (the leading exploit used for network intrusions) and security vulnerabilities are also detailed for all servers. The overall size of the report will vary depending on the size of the network audited.

Network Assessment Optimization

The Network Optimization Assessment assists customers in LAN Optimization or WAN Optimization. Network Optimization Assessments are focused on a specific customer “pain point”, these Network “health check” services are designed to analyze the integrity of the current network infrastructure and quickly determine problem areas.
The Network Optimization Assessment service is broken into four delivery stages:
  • Engagement Preparation
  • Discovery Stage
  • Network Infrastructure Readiness Assessment development
  • Engagement Closure
Our consultants will work with you to scope and define your project needs and tailor a solution that fits your requirements.

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