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What is Internet Marketing and Online advertisement

Today all the companies in india and corporates in india have products or services to sell and they are advertising them via T.V , newspapers, brochures, magazines, radio etc. But its time to take the promotions online.

Online advertising is a effective way of advertising that uses the power of Internet and World Wide Web in order to deliver marketing messages and attract customers. Different examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, advertising networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam and newsletters.

For online advertisement in India you can use India centric websites which are popular and have a good traffic building. Dimakh Consultants offers these online advertisement solutions and provides options to online media buying in India through various cost effective channels.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO Vs Online Advertisement

In Search Engine Optimization , SEO, advertisers submit their Web sites, which are then indexed and ranked based on a number of different factors decided by the search engines like google, msn, rediff etc. This process of search engine optimization, SEO is time consuming, and it often takes a couple of months to see results. We ensure the best possible results for the SEO campaigns in India that we do but there is no guarantee of top placement within the search results.

With online Advertisement you get instant results. Based on your budgets your advertisements can start appearing on multiple websites or portals immediately and which will drive traffic to your website. The advantage of online advertisement is that you can monitor the response to your advertisements and have a choice to alter the campaigns you are running and maintain a complete control on your advertising campaigns as well as budgets.

Why Online Advertisement in India

The number of net surfers in India are increasing at a rapid rate and studies have shown that people are spending more and more time on the web. Buying products online is convenient, hassle-free and easy. Online market places allow buyers to see the best deals available without moving from their desks and choose the products they want which they could not find at the local supermarket. For a company putting an advertisement online gives a benefit of being present right next to your competition when people are looking for products or services. Online Advertisement in India is a fast growing market and media buying is becoming a very important decision for all online spenders. The biggest advantage of Online Advertisement is it helps you to track your user online and understand online consumer behavior.


At Dimakh Consultants we tie together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including web design, web development, web advertising and sales. We do a strong hand holding with the client to make sure that the client gets a good ROI from online advertisement campaigns and Internet Marketing campaigns. We do a strategic planning and make the entire road map based on clients budgets and targeted achievements. We handle online branding campaigns as well as online advertisements based on target audience which can be customised based on geographical areas, age, gender, profile etc.

In our Online advertisement and Internet marketing methods and strategies we provide a wide range of services such as search engine marketing (SEM) which consists of search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), online display advertising, text-based advertising, behavioral marketing, software - based ads, e-mail marketing, newsletter marketing, affiliate marketing, web press releases, interactive advertising, online market research, and also Social Media Marketing Methods such as blog marketing, and viral marketing. We make use of popular websites and portals where we are already channel partners. The online websites with whom we have an association are,,,,,, and many more.

We also provide sepcialised online analytical reporting and analysis with a detailed enquiry tracking mechanism for our online advertising and Internet marketing campaigns in India.

Dimakh Consultants is a leading Internet marketing company and an Online Advertisement Company in India.


We have a proven track record of handling major online campaigns and online advertisement initiatives in India. We have successfully completed many campaigns of online advertisement in India and online advertisement in pune. A few of our prestigious clients for whom we have managed Internet marketing in India and online advertisements in India are Commonwealth Youth games pune, Gera Developers, Palash - The Green Commune a project by Javdekar Builders, TASMAC , Vishwakarma Institutes pune, Rhythmhouse India and many more. So we have a variety of experience in successfully handling online advertisement campaigns for multiple business verticals like real estate in India, education sector in India, tourism in India, music industry in India, sports events in India etc.

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