Google Partner Certified Company in Pune

The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies with Google Ads skills and expertise. Dimakh Consultants is one of the first company in Pune to get the coveted certificate from Google. We specialise in offering paid Google ads service in Pune. Our team has earned the expertise and certification in Google Search Advertising, Display advertising, Video advertising and Shopping Advertising. Call:+918830248577

Advantages of working with Google Partners

As a Google certified company its mandatory for us to be constantly updated. This ensures that we at Dimakh Consultants are in par with the latest global digital marketing practices. By working with us you get total control and flexibility on all your campaigns. Direct support from expert Google team. Google certified engineers to work on all your campaigns

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Powered by AI Technology, Market Research and Data Analytics

  • Our intelligent and intuitive dashboards allow you to see all the campaigns in real time and get a transparent picture on your spendings and returns.
  • The strong data analytics embedded in the dashboard helps us to optimise the campaigns.
  • With our extensive market research we build a strong campaign architecture for your business and marketplace.
  • Our creative strategy helps you to stay one step ahead of your competition.
  • Our weekly review and strategy call ensures that the campaign is always monitored on an important parameter of goal targeted v/s achieved.

Mostly Asked Questions

Leveraging on being a Google Partner, Dimakh consultants assures commitment to its customers offering skilled services like:
  • Pay Per Click Advertising.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Digital Designing.
Being a partner with Google:
Google made google partner badge available with certain set of rules and criteria. Specialization for search and mobile advertising is given additional leverage to Google certified partners.
As Google authorized partners/certified company in Pune, Dimakh Consultants is committed to deliver best Digital practices. The best digital practices include:
  • SEO expertise.
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • Digital Media Plan.
  • Campaign Management(Search, Display and re-marketing).
All sized Companies, All Industries:  Every small, medium or a large scale company today requires an authentic and effective marketing push for their brand and products. Digital or Online Marketing is a prosperous tool for brand and sales growth. But, merely having an online presence no longer delivers effective sales results. It demands a digital marketing knowledge that is relevant to the company size and is industry specific. Having dealt with any sized companies across different industry verticals, naturally our digital services will lend a cutting-edge to your on-line branding plan.
Digital Marketing is serious business. It requires thorough knowledge of latest technology and changes in the Digital World to make User Impressions.
Current Trends:
  • Designing Responsive websites.
  • Creative Content Structuring.
  • Facebook Campaign and Marketing.
  • User Centric Application Designs and Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Planning for Brands and Products.
Being a Certified Google partner company in Pune, Dimakh Consultants will give your business the technology edge to boost your online presence.
Pay Per Click (PPC) is a classic tool for paid advertisement. Having a ROI based on clicks that your Ad garners, it channelizes the right user to the right information. As a Company , investing in advertisements before returns becomes tricky and risky. The pay-per-click model works effectively to monitor your budgetary online advertisement investments. One needs to be specific and thorough with the choice of information in the advertisements ably supported by landing pages leading to the parent website. PPC ensures considerable increase in your website traffic.
Why Dimakh Consultants:
  • Expertise in Digital Marketing.
  • knowledge in Online Advertising.
  • Help you achieve your ROI of conversion sales.
Having a partner badge, Dimakh Consultants is a premium and privileged partner of Google Adwords.
No 1 Website Design Company in Pune:
Ranked as a top digital marketing company in Pune, we offer authorised Adwords services ranging from :
  • Google Ads.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Other Digital Advertising tools.
  • Social Media Optimization.
Dimakh Consultants as a Google Adwords Partner/Certified Company in Pune has been successful in converting high returns for customers businesses online.
Economical Investments – High Returns: We ensure the service is not just lead generation but also conversions. With more than 500+ clients and thousands of online successful google campaigns, Dimakh Consultants being a Google partners/certified company in Pune delivers strategic advertising solutions for your business.
One of the quickest online advertising tools for user Lead generation to Conversions is Search Engine Optimization. Attuned with latest technological Digital trends: With Experts at Dimakh Consultants guiding your Digital Plan, large focus is given to :
  • monitoring Search Engine Results
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimizing Key words
  • Working on Meta Tags and key Phrases
  • Image Tags
  • Content Analysis
thus making your web pages google search friendly.
Being a certified Google Adword Partner, it enables us to encash with latest trends in Web Analysis, Content Analysis and Keywords Analysis delivering best search engine rankings to our clients.
Partnering with Google for Adwords and Digital marketing, it enables us to have access to upgrade to latest changes in search engines. This makes it easy to work upon having a good position for our clients meaning top listings in search engines. Understanding of search engine algorithms and combining this with a lot of hard work results in optimization of your pages. We have the working knowledge of many search engines like:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Alltheweb
  • Alta Vista
  • Hotbot, etc.
While SEO is a key maker of your Digital Marketing Plan, its important that user traffic inflow, analysis, reports also is monitored to give the best Digital Marketing results. As a partner with Google Adwords, we at Dimakh Consultants emphasize the need to have robust cyclic SEO and Social Media Plan. In addition to this, Programmatic Advertising or search based designs, will impact the volume of user traffic onto the website. Social Messaging Apps like:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blog
  • Instagram and many others
are an integral part of the Digital Marketing plan. But the latest entrant in this online advertising is the Video Marketing. Visually powerful, it attracts a large percentage of user inflow to your websites.
As the largest and most popular Social Media Tool, Facebook offers a wide spectrum of advertising potential. Looking at your competitors ads or Facebook pages and Facebook app as a company who advertises, you want a large and quick connect base. This connect base is on Facebook. Nearly 85% people on earth use Facebook.
Choose the best Social Media Service Company:
 Dimakh Consultants a digital company based in Pune, has successfully run 100s of Facebook Post campaigns and delivered strategic Facebook Fan Page management service. A certified partner with Google, Dimakh Consultants is your internet service advertisement agency based in Pune, India.

Digital Marketing Via Google Search. Why Is It Important ?

Engaging online users on to the websites today is particularly easy, thanks to GOOGLE. Google search has become a dominant search player across the globe. When we have most consumers heading towards the Google search bar for answers obviously it attracts a lot of significance and required market attention. Imagine when we get direct market access to the products / shops or inroad of the things we were searching for!.

As a Company, being visible and prominent to your end customers while they are searching requires a strategic online marketing engagement. Google Advertisements need authentication and gives added leverage to your business positioning. And you can just relax, when you have an organization that is Google Adwords Certified Company to handle all your online advertisements and campaigns. Google AdWords and Digital Marketing or Online Advertising is necessary to boost your online conversion sales.

"If you build it.. you may still need Google AdWords - Jennifer Mesenbrink (marketing blogger)"

Being A Google Partner/Certified Company Matters And Adds Value To Your Customer Proposition

Google made google partner badge available with certain set of rules and criteria. Specialization for search and mobile advertising is given additional leverage to Google certified partners. As Google partners/certified company in Pune, we are committed to deliver bang on advertisement clicks for clients from different industry verticals. Being a Google adwords certified company or Google partner translates to delivering quality service to our customers.

Google ensures rounds of authentication before they can give the Google partner badge to any company. It is important to have certified engineers, with knowledge of the logic of keywords play in search, SEO marketing trends, PPC management, leverage marketing etc. Being a Google partner/certified company in pune, it gives us the vast exposure of using all the techniques and rules set by Google. Digital marketing experts ensure that the PPC campaigns convert into sales. By being a Google certified company its mandatory to be constantly updated. This ensures that we at Dimakh Consultants are in par with the latest global PPC practices.

Dimakh Consultants - Google Certified Partner Company

A company must maintain Google's standards for being Google Adwords partner. The badge ensures a high standard service given to our customers. While, we already offer Digital marketing services in enquiry management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), internet marketing Services, Pay/Cost Per Click (CPC) management, and Email Marketing Services we are also gaining momentum in being front runners in the adWords section. With 2 decades of strong technical web background, Dimakh Consultants as a Google Adwords Partner/Certified Company in Pune has been successful in help build customers businesses online. Our focus is not just lead generation but also conversions. We do hand holding for you. Running thousands of campaigns, helping more than 500+ clients and being a Google partners/certified company in Pune, gives us a cutting edge to deliver strategic advertising solutions for your business.

22+ years in industry
4200+ Websites and applications designed
2500+ Satisfied customers worldwide
100+ Government web applications
200+ E-comm Payment Gateway integrations
2000+ Man years in experience

Google Partner Certified Services for Local and Global Clients

Our Work, Projects and Portfolio speaks for itself. With our strong global delivery model, we serve clients worldwide across USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Dubai - UAE, Sri Lanka. Our spectrum of services include graphic designs, Social Media Designs and websites to highly complex database driven applications, mobile apps, digital marketing projects and global server hosting. Dimakh Consultants can design and build an end-to-end digital solutions that will work for you and your clients. Call:+918830248577

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Google Partner Certified Services for All Industries

  • Automobiles
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • IT & ITES
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • Education


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