Press Release

What is Press Release?

A Press Release is a Public announcement to the news media and other targeted publications to draw attention to a specific event, services or product launch.

The use of news releases is common in the field of public relations, the aim of which is to attract favorable media attention to the services or products marketed by the firm.

How does Press Release service work?

Writing a press release that can go into any newspaper is a traditional way of submitting a press release. It's easy for the average copywriter but creating one that works with the search engines is a skilled task and is helpful for search engine optimization (SEO). It's a delicate balance between writing creatively and getting the necessary keywords into your press release. This is where a great SEO copy editor comes into play. Each press release is optimised for the search engines utilizing keywords that are used by your target audience in searching for your product or information.
Benefits of an Online Press Release:
  • Dimakh Consultants, Pune, India, manages online PR and marketing utilizing several news feeds including Yahoo News, Google's eMediaWire News Service
  • Using RSS/XML feed the specially crafted press releases gain maximum exposure and is fully optimised to be found by search engines easily
  • Wide distribution to consumers, journalists and researchers
  • Brand awareness among existing and new customers
  • Top rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN or optimized keywords
  • Links from web sites that pick up your news release

Why Dimakh Consultants?

We at Dimakh Consultants offer customized Press Release Services. Being in the field of Internet Marketing Services for the last 10 years we have successfully run Online Campaigns for clients in India and abroad.

With our expertise in Press Release our team of experts in Pune will offer personal advice for your News, Events, launch of Product or Service and ensure it to be a success as per your expectations.
Press Releases Service we offer:
  • News Release
  • Events Release
  • Product Press Release
  • Social Media Release
Methodology at Dimakh Consultants:
  • Work with you on a website design that matches your company's image
  • Create a unique website design that is pleasing view websites and easy to navigate

Writing Press Release

We at Dimakh Consultants carefully understand what you want to achieve by the Press Release, we then thoroughly go through your requirement, study your website and news stuff and based upon the analysis we prepare a Press Release as per the Standards set by the Press Release Agency Organization.
The steps involved in writing Press Release:
  • Analysis of Company Profile
  • Analysis of News to be publishedM
  • Define Target Group
  • Write Press Release
  • Approval of Press Release

Submitting Press Release

After the approval of Press Release we start with the submission of Press Release to prominent Press Release Publication houses in India and abroad.
The steps involved in submission:
  • Define Target Group and Geographical Location
  • Prepare List of Press Release Agencies
  • Submit the Press Release
  • Verify whether Press Release has been published
  • Re-submission of Press Releases to sites where approval is pending / Rejecting

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