What is Web Usability?

Web Usability is nothing but making your website and web applications in such a way that your application users can find what they're looking for quickly effortlessly and efficiently. A usable website and web application can reap huge benefits and satisfaction on to your website and your business.

Our Usability Specialization

Information architecture
Information architecture is the structuring and organizing your websites' content, functionality, navigation and search schemes. The documentation process set at our end will provide you with a detailed sitemap and wireframe designs along with Software Requirements Specifications – SRS. We also do a complete page by page layout before doing the actual graphic design and also provide navigation analysis. Website Usability Consultants Pune | Dimakh Consultants

Wireframes are blueprints (or schematics) of page designs that contain all the major elements of a real page, without any graphic design. We'll design the wireframes in such a way that they're comprehensible, well structured and support both user and business goals. Wireframes work in much the same way that architectural blue prints define a building's structure. Finally, we'll convert the wireframes into a working prototype and carry out usability testing on the prototype.
Web design & development
Dimakh Consultants web design & development services are designed for you to get a world-class website, optimised in both usability and accessibility, search engine friendly and fully CSS / XHTML compliant. The web design & development we do is usually based on the information architecture, our proven wireframe approach and site map we develop during the analysis and design phase.

Whether you want a new website or adjustments to a current website, we can help with our accessible CSS web design expertise. We'll make sure you end up with a world-class CSS-based website that is based around both site users' needs and your goals, Is optimised for search engines, Downloads lightning fast due to the unique CSS structure (no tables / table less design), Complies with regulations for web accessibility.
Interaction design & user interface design
Whether you're creating or reworking a website, ecommerce application, web-based application, desktop application, or something in-between, we can help with our interaction design & user interface design service. Using our interaction design & user interface design expertise, we'll ensure that we develop an engaging and effective offering for all your customers.

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