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What is an e brand?

Brand is the proprietary visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image that you associate with a company or a product. A good brand name gives a good first impression, is easy to remember, and evokes positive associations with the brand. The positioning statement tells, in one sentence, what business the company is in, what benefits it provides and why it is better than the competition. For e.g. when you think Google you might think of Search Engine, when you think of eBay you might think of Shopping Portal, when you think Microsoft you might think of Windows.

What makes up an e brand identity?

A typical e brand identity includes relevant and easy domain name, a well designed and interactive website, hosting on the appropriate server and an online marketing and Reputation Management Campaign.

Is e branding just for large companies?

No, Dimakh Consultants' process can be applied to any business, organization, or product. Our process takes the proven principles of e branding solutions used by companies like Microsoft, Google and EBay and puts them into a simple, understandable, and easy-to-use process.

Why Dimakh Consultants?

Dimakh Consultants a Pune (India) based e brand management media agency has been the leading provider of Web marketing and advertising services to established and emerging companies in India, South east asia, Europe , United States and United Kingdom. Our state of the art technologies, proprietary web marketing systems and years of IT experience empower us to create innovative and high performance internet marketing campaigns. Whether we create a marketing campaign from the ground up or improve an existing campaign the goal is always the same: to achieve the mandated success metrics.

We also provide specialized online analytical reporting and analysis with a detailed enquiry tracking mechanism for our online advertising and Internet marketing campaigns in India. This Analysis Report helps in positioning of brand and controlling the Campaign results.

We are the channel partners of
E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants
E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants
E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants
E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants
E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants
and many more. Depending upon the brand positioning of the client we tie up with relevant channel partners.

E brand management methodology

We at Dimakh Consultants follow a simple process of brand management; we take into account your goals, your competitiors and analyze thoroughly to position your brand accordingly. Our e brand management strategy will help you with choosing the right domain name and host server, design a website as per the positioning of brand, create and manage an Online Marketing and Reputation Management Campaign.
Dimakh Consultants

E Brand Management Planning Process

E Brand Management Company & Media Agency Pune |Dimakh Consultants

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