Enquiry Management System

Every business today has to keep track of all enquiries and sales leads that are generated. We have numerous sources from where different leads are generated. For various organizations its very difficult to manage enquiry and tracking of those leads and most importantly to know the conversion from the source of various sales leads. A good inquiry management system saves you a lot of time and efforts and in turn saves a lot of man hours for a company. Dimakh Consultants offers you just the same solution that you have been looking for.

Enquiry Management System with Dimakh Consultants

At Dimakh Consultants we have devised a very user friendly and effective sales lead management system. Over a decade of research and continuos updates the inquiry management software that we offer has a lot of features and a good dashboard for overview. The online sales lead management module offers a detailed drilled down approach to review and track each individual lead. The solution that we provide is an online multi user version and the application is hosted on our servers or cloud hosting as per your requirement. The cloud hosting ensures a hassle free experience without any worry for backups, security and other problems.
Dimakh Consultants

Enquiry Management System EMS application Includes:

Comprehensive Dashboard
A comprehensive dashboard gives a complete overview of the entire status of various stages of leads. You will get basic statistics of conversion ratio, sales person performance, date wise analysis and campaign wise analysis
Multiuser Access
Enquiry Management System & Software Application Pune
The entire sales team has to work together and its very helpful to know how the team is performing. As a head of the team you get a privileged access by which you can manage users, add or remove users and assign various leads to the team. You can also configure auto assignment of leads to individual members.
Reminder System
Enquiry Management System & Software Application Pune
The sales team has to follow up many times before the conversion happens and the prospective client asks you to call back on a specific day and time. In this system you can go ahead and set reminders and the system will auto generate a TO DO list for those specific dates and remind you at the right time.
Document tracking and management
Enquiry Management System & Software Application Pune
The sales lead management system allows you to connect various documents with each enquiry and maintain versions as per your discussions. This feature helps in maintaing a proper communication channel with every prospective lead.
Data Migration
Enquiry Management System & Software Application Pune
From the online application you have effective data migration capabilities. You can upload all your enquiry via XLS or CSV file to this application and also download the leads and push it to your Sap or any other application.
We at Dimakh Consultants Pune - India also offer a customization solution to suit your needs of sales enquiry tracking system. So do get in touch with us and lets discuss your needs. Do send in your enquiry for a free demo.

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