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Dimakh Consultants offers complete range of GNU / Linux services and solutions in India, from simple Mail server installations to most complex Firewall & VPN setup. Whether your requirements are for planning of GNU / Linux activities, installations, technical support or consultancy we are the most trusted company for all your requirements.

Our core team of GNU / Linux consultants, system engineers and developers have the answer to all your open source requirements. Organizations today are facing a critical situation when it comes to security of their business data. Our GNU / Linux solution concentrates on giving you a stable and secure solution will help take the pressure of maintaining business operations off your shoulders.

Corporate solutions for Linux

Caching Proxy Server
Caching Proxy Server allows companies to save on their bandwidth through content caching. Cached content means data is served locally and users will see this through faster download speeds with frequently-used content. Plus, access can be allowed/disallowed to end-users based on various criteria like IP or MAC address, username, time of day, requested URL etc.

We also log a lot of data including URLs requested, the exact date and time, the name and version of the requester's web browser etc.
Mail Server
We offer mail services for variety of business purpose and load, ranging from a single machine setup to a machine handling thousands of mails daily. We offer excellent anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, with a record of almost zero percent virus being passed through our filters and about 95-99% of spam being blocked.
Firewall Server
We offer almost all the features provided by standard commercial hardware firewall using Linux based software firewall, thus saving cost for the company and at the same time providing industry level security for internal machines.
SVN Server
We offer SVN Server to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation.
VPN Server
You do not need to buy expensive hardware VPN for most of your requirements. We offer industry-standard software based SSL VPN services which offer ease of use and administration.
We provide training facility for all services mentioned above for your company's system administrators. In addition to these services, we also provide training for shell scripting, perl, python, make and system and network administration on Linux.
Our trainers have provided literally hundreds of training courses for companies like
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations
Linux services Provider Pune | Solutions | Mail Server Installations

What can a GNU / Linux Office Server do for your business?

GNU / Linux Office Server can do the following:
  • Handle all your company's incoming and outgoing email
  • Scan all email for viruses and spam
  • Store all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc
  • Be monitored 24hrs a day to ensure optimal operation
  • Carry out an automatic data backup every night, stored off-site
  • Be full remotely managed
  • Let you access email from anywhere
  • Check usernames and passwords before allowing access to company data
  • Provide internal web pages
  • Monitor how much email users are sending, and to whom
  • Monitor who is accessing which websites, and restricts access

How your business benefits from a GNU / Linux Office Server?

Lower Costs
NO expensive server software licences to buy or renew. The service includes all required software, and is tailored to fit into your existing network and work with your existing desktop PCs.
Less Downtime
Your GNU / Linux Office Server can be monitored 24 hours a day, and our Support Staff automatically alerted to any potential problem.
More Efficient Working
All email is scanned for viruses and spam (unsolicited email), keeping these disruptive annoyances out of the workplace. Online diaries for every employee, and facilities for online internal discussion forums and online company documentation are all part of the service.
Cost Control
Fixed costs that are known in advance. See who is accessing which websites and when, and who is sending mails to whom, helping you to control the use of your company's computing investment.
Peace of Mind
All data backed up every night automatically and stored off-site. System automatically monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimal working.
Value for Money
The modest hardware requirements of GNU / Linux coupled with the lack of licensing fees mean high performance and excellent value for money.

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