Google Malware Notification

Why does Google display the Notification message “This site may harm your computer”?

The message “This site may harm your computer” is displayed by Google when it finds that a website is installing malicious software without the knowledge or Permission of the Google user when the google user visits the website. The Google malware message is also displayed if the website includes programs that delete data on the Google user computer, steals personal information such as Passwords and credit card Numbers or alter your Search results.

To protect the Google Users from suspicious website Google in collaboration with Stopbadware maintains a list of website that is suspicious of having malicious Software / Malicious code / Badware Based upon the list Google display the Google Malware Notification message in the search results.

How can Dimakh Consultants help you remove the Malware Notification?

We at Dimakh Consultants thoroughly analyze your website, check each and every webpage whether it contains a malicious code, we check whether you have been hosted on a Server which has infected websites, we check whether you have been a victim of malicious hacking attacks in which malicious code is inserted into Google Users Computers through your Website.

Based upon the Google Malware analyze report by our experts we locate and remove all badware and badware-distributing malicious code on your website, and fix the security vulnerabilities that allowed the code to be placed on your site. Fixing security Vulnerabilities will help prevent future attacks, reducing the probability that your site will receive a warning again.

Once the malicious code / badware is removed we submit the website to Google and Stopbadware, which upon analyzes removes the Malware Notification. We then submit the website to leading search engines. We can help you regain the Search Engine Rankings Through our Search Engine Optimization Service and regain your online Brand Reputation through our Brand Management Service.

About our Online Marketing Team

The Company has been in the field of web marketing for the last 10 years and is the channel partners of Google, Rediff, Times of India, Economic times, Money control and many more. Our Online Marketing team consists of experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Banner Advertisement, E-mail Campaigning, Blog Marketing, Viral Marketing and Press Release. We have been certified by Google as a Google Adwords Certified Company for successfully conducting various Online Advertisement Campaigns.
Steps to Remove the Google Malware Notification:
  • Analyze the website
  • Analyze the Code
  • Remove the Malicious Code / Malicious software
  • Check the Host Server
  • Check the third party software's
  • Check whether the website has been hacked
  • Submit the website to Google
Effects of Bad Malware / Google Notification
  • Bad Mouthing about your firm
  • Less Traffic to your website
  • Brand Reputation gets tarnished
  • Search Engine Rankings go down
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