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Engineering Excellence Award at the Global India Business Forum for the "Covid Kavach" App

This custom developed app is used to monitor and restrict the spread of coronavirus disease. The main objective of the app is to track study participants on a daily basis to know whether the person has any symptom suggestive of Covid-19, or a drug side-effect. We are a Top Custom Mobile App Development Company in India based in Pune, who will help you to develop an outstanding design with innovative functionality.

Mobile Apps


Custom Mobile App Development : Supporting Startups and enterprise mobile app development

  • We help you grow your business by developing the right custom mobile app. A custom mobile app will be suitable for you if you are upgrading your business process, exploring a new entrepreneur idea, reaching out to your global market or connecting your own teams together.
  • Our expert teams of app developers on Android and iOS platforms will help you to bring your dream to reality.
  • With the years of experience, proven methodologies, high standard processes at Dimakh Consultants, we will ensure that you get the best returns on your investments by getting a top class custom mobile app developed.

Always Wondered How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Custom Mobile App ? Look At The Type Of Engagements With Dimakh Consultants

Fixed Cost pricing model

After studying your entire requirement we will provide you with a fixed cost for the entire project to design and deploy the app on all platforms. A fixed priced model gives you a peace of mind irrespective of the resources deployed on the project as long as the scope does not increase. A cost for developing an app can start as low as Rs.25000 ($400) to beyond Rs.5,00,000 ($7000) onwards.

Its very difficult and you may lose track while developing the mobile app. Our expert team of mobile developers will help you arrive at the right costing for your app.

Call us now to get a fair estimate +918830248577

Dedicated Team

Get a dedicated team working exclusively on your app. A custom App development needs a team to deliver app for both Android and iOS. Our expert team will help you achieve the goal.

A dedicated team of app developers will consists of all or few of the following members:

  • Strategist or Architect
  • Project Manager
  • UI and UX Designers
  • iOS app developers
  • Quality Assurance specialist
  • Sales and Marketing team

Hourly cost

If you are looking for a few upgrades in your existing app then the option of going in for a hourly cost option is the right way for you. Our team will evaluate the changes and give you the estimate in terms of number of hours required to do the changes. The hourly cost also can be worked out if the project is of a smaller size. We also engage with our clients for a per month hourly support for mobile app development and maintenance. Call us now for more details +918830248577

Custom App Development : Platforms and Technologies

As a leading custom mobile app development company in Pune India , Our expert team of mobile app designers and developers work on various platforms and technologies to create robust mobile apps. The team has a strong knowledge of business, design, technical and marketing acumen to deliver the best solutions as per your needs.

Based on your projects we would recommend the best Mobile Technology Stack for you. We first understand your requirement and then come up with the best approach between a complete native app, a hybrid app development or a framework based model.


The origin for mobile app development started with the native app development. In native mobile technologies we have two very powerful and independent programming platforms which are fast growing and robust mobile app development platforms for iOS and Android.


Our iOS development team will work closely with you to come up with unique designs and interface for your app. Our teams specialise in both native and hybrid iOS app development platforms. We follow all the strict norms and guidelines of Apple and design apps exclusive for iPhone, iPad , Apple watch and MacOS using Native development platforms of Xcode based on Swift or Objective-C programming language. Objective-C is now an older programming language. Swift is the latest and a powerful and intuitive programming language developed by Apple for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS.


More than 91% of the Indian app market share is captured by Google Android. India has outranked every country in the world in terms of sheer number of apps installed and used per month. Android mobile app development services provided by Dimakh Consultants are intuitive , scalable and secure for all the android mobile devices. Our Android development team provides a brilliant user experience for all the Android app users by focusing on device specific usability. We design apps for Android phones , Android tablets, Android wearable devices and Android TV apps. We use Java code for app development on Android and also use Kotlin as a cross-platform programming language for Android App Development.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app which can run seamlessly on various platforms which use standard-complaint browser. These apps can run on both desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The app is developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our PWA team will select this platform based on your project specification and use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to your users.


Not every user wants to install an App for a one time use. Web Apps developed using ReactJs PWA solves this problem for you.
React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.


Today on an average every mobile user has about 30+ apps on his/her device. All users are struggling to keep the apps updated and to maintain space on mobile devices. AngularJS is a structural framework for creating and maintaining dynamic web apps. Our developers use HTML templates and syntaxes to build web apps that run on laptops and mobile devices using browser frameworks.

React Native

React Native is a mobile framework that can be used to create rich and high-performance UI . React JS is front end library developed by Facebook. Our React Native mobile app developers will build high quality custom apps for you, based on React Native framework. We use React Native to build apps for Android phones and iPhones based on iOS. We can upgrade your existing apps using React Native or build a brand new app from conceptualisation to implementation. Building apps using React Native is less expensive and faster to build.


Ionic allows you to create high quality custom apps using HTML5 mobile app development framework. Ionic helps to build hybrid mobile apps which can be deployed on google play store and apple store. At Dimakh Consultants we use Ionic hybrid apps based framework to deploy smaller apps at a faster development speed. Ionic uses Cordova libraries for faster code building and the actual code is written in HTML, CSS and Javascripts.


Dimakh consultants is a well known custom app development agency in India based in Pune and we use Flutter as a cross platform mobile app framework. Flutter is made by Google and its toolkit allows to create beautiful native custom built apps which can be deployed on Mobile and web platforms from a single code base. Well known apps like , The New York Times and Square are using Flutter for a few module developments.


A Popular open source platform developed by Microsoft - Xamarin is used to build apps for Android and iOS using .NET and C# programming language. Our team of Microsoft developers can help you build apps on Microsoft technology. We use Xamarin on projects which have a backend web app or SQL databases as an exiting web application database.


Sales Tacking

Rotary App

Education App

E-commerce App

Marathi App

Quiz App

News App

Donation App

Calling App

GPS Based App

Hindi App

Tracking App

Medical App

Tracking App

Sales Tacking

Rotary App

Education App

E-commerce App

Marathi App

Quiz App

News App

Donation App

Calling App

GPS Based App

Hindi App

Tracking App

Medical App

Tracking App

Why Dimakh Consultants is the best Custom Mobile App Development company in Pune

No Matter how big or small is your requirement for building custom mobile app in India, We at Dimakh Consultants have the right solution for you. We are a Top custom app mobile development agency and provide solutions from simple to complex mobile apps and interactive consumer based to high end enterprise apps. We specialise in Native and cross platform mobile app development for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple watch).

Our Work

Covid Kavach App

Support Covid - successful implementation of COVID KAVACH An award winning app for clinical trial participants symptoms tracking.

Rotary App

Best app for Rotary members - Stay connected with Rotary members, clubs, districts, Rotary events and projects. All in one place.

BuyAt/GoBazzar app

Retailer Consumer connect App - Get all shop offers in one place at a single click. Best integrator app between shops and customers.

iScout CNC

Control machines remotely - Track machine downtime, get timely alerts , monitor production output and track the CNC Machine line in your factory.

Are you looking for the best mobile app designing and app development company in India based in Pune ?

We at Dimakh Consultants have the talented team of Android App developers in India, iOS app developers in India and native app developers in Pune. We also provide an onsite app development team or a dedicated offshore app development team for your captive projects.

Get in touch with us Now : Call 8830248577

We work on following technologies :

React JS
Objective C
React Native

Best Strategies and Process

Mobile App Experts : Dimakh Consultants end to end solution partner

App Analysis & Architecture

We listen to your ideas to gain an understanding of exactly what the purpose of your App will be, how you want it to function and the look and feel of the App. Our team of expert mobile app developers in India will gauge your app for usability and uniqueness and begin surveying its prospects in the App Market. Our analysis report would give you a clear idea about the pricing of your app, the suitable strategies for launch and execution of the market plan. It proposes you the road map to move forward.

App Design & Development

Once the concept has been understood and finalised, our highly skilled mobile app design team will come up with design treatments for your App. This includes creating screens and a flowchart of your application. Once you are happy with the design and flow of the App, we will move on to develop your App and get it ready for the Mobile App Marketplace. The App development creative process really comes to life with this step. Our GUI and coding teams build upon the basic architecture of your application, creating a rich and user-friendly program that suits the needs of you and your potential clients. Professional coding is enriched with stunning graphics in this phase.

App Marketing & Launch Strategy

There are some important factors you have to consider while launching your app and one of the most critical of these is pricing. Hundreds of apps are launched daily across multiple mobile app stores. Our Pre-launch strategies include word of mouth promotion, advertisement campaigns etc. Press Releases and YouTube promotional videos are some other useful techniques we implement. We also suggest the right timing for the launch.

Delivering Your Application Message

We engage your potential app customers through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. in order to make it popular. We time your marketing activities according to the app buying cycles and help you hit the grandslam. We publish and distribute press releases for every update through effective outlets. So be assured that you are in safe hands with one of the best mobile app design and development company in India.

Boost Your Mobile App Earning

We won't stop with these few steps, but will keep on exploring effective techniques to increase your revenue from the app. This may include free offers, promo code offers, running contests etc. We make sure that these strategies hit the target by making it relevant to the theme of the app and its target users.

So lets get in touch and discuss the right solution and approach towards your requirements. Contact Us for a personalized quote for iPhone Mobile App Development in Pune, Android Mobile Application Development in Pune.

Best Strategies

We listen to your ideas to gain an understanding of exactly what the purpose of your App will be, how you want it to function and the look and feel of the App. Our team of expert mobile app developers in India will gauge your app for usability and uniqueness and begin surveying its prospects in the App Market. Our analysis report would give you a clear idea about the pricing of your app, the suitable strategies for launch and execution of the market plan. It proposes you the road map to move forward.


I am happy to write the testimonial for COVID KAVACH App developed by Dimakh Consultants Pvt Ltd and conceptualized by Center for Rheumatic Diseases Pune. The App is being used in clinical trials initiated by the Ministry of AYUSH and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
I congratulate Mr. Dimakh Sahasrabuddhe and his team for successful implementation of this App.

Dr. Arvind Chopra Chief Clinical Coordinator
AYUSH-CSIR COVID-19 Clinical Trials (Govt of India)

Why Dimakh Consultants

With over 2 decades of digital marketing, website designing, Application and mobile development experience, Dimakh Consultants is a top ranked website design and development company in Pune, India.

As a google partner recognized website design company in Pune, India. Dimakh Consultants specializes in a one stop shop solution for web design needs. We cover all allied web services including static website design, search engine optimization and SEO friendly website, domains, custom website redesign and web hosting. We are Pune based web design, graphic design and web marketing firm in India. We also specialize in web business solutions, from corporate online branding and interactive marketing to website application design and enterprise solutions. Call:+918830248577

25+ years in industry
4200+ Websites and applications designed
2500+ Satisfied customers worldwide
100+ Government web applications
200+ E-comm Payment Gateway integrations
2000+ Man years in experience

Expert And Award Winning Mobile App Development Services for Local and Global Clients

Our Work, Projects and Portfolio speaks for itself. With our strong global delivery model, we serve clients worldwide across USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Dubai - UAE, Sri Lanka. Our spectrum of services include graphic designs, Social Media Designs and websites to highly complex database driven applications, mobile apps, digital marketing projects and global server hosting. Dimakh Consultants can design and build an end-to-end digital solutions that will work for you and your clients. Call:+918830248577

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Expert And Award Winning Mobile App Development Services for All Industries

  • Automobiles
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • IT & ITES
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • Education


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