DCPL Website icon Since 1999 I have used Dimakh Consultants as a lead firm in all online issues; from design and layout from hosting to design to SEO, SMO and related advertising. Dimakh is also an excellent business person and runs a professional program based in Pune, India. I have personally found that there are two mission critical pieces to a web relationship (as there are lots of programmers and designers available):

Lead person that communicates well and adheres to timelines and schedules, and A solid team of professionals in the background that can communicate well and follow through. Dimakh and his Firm Dimakh Consultants has demonstrated both over the years. DCPL Website icon

Brian Murphy
Chief Operating Officer
Entremedia, Inc. USA

DCPL Website icon I appreciate and value the thorough, professional, and flexible approach of your team. DCPL Website icon

Justin Stone
Managing Director
Design & Co, Boston USA

DCPL Website icon We have found a fantastic team at Dimakh Consultants with whom we can depend on to understand our web development strategies and transition them to high-end tactics. They do a beautiful job because they care about the relationship - they want to be kept in the mix, as an associate - and we place great value on that. DCPL Website icon

G. P. Ghospurkar
UB Engineering India Pune

DCPL Website icon Dimakh and his team have been instrumental in helping us reach out to thousands of NRI’s across the world. We have been able to sell many apartments over the internet through the website and other internet tools created by Dimakh Consultants. Dimakh has been responsible for mentoring us to migrate to a internet-enabled Real Estate company where we have discovered tremendous potential and success in reaching out to those seeking to buy homes in Pune and Kolhapur. We have enjoyed tremendous competitive advantage because of this association with Dimakh Consultants and we hope that we will continue to explore the fantastic opportunities that the internet offers with the expertise and support of Dimakh! Wish him and his team the very best !! DCPL Website icon

Aditya Javdekar
Managing Partner
Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes

DCPL Website icon With more than lakh visitors accessing the CYG website every month across the globe, it is very important for us to showcase the power of technology that we are using at the Games. Dimakh Consultants dedicated Team has made this possible and I am impressed by the commitments and technology implementations done by them. I will strongly recommend Dimakh Consultants for any Web and IT initiatives and especially related to sports or any other critical events which need technology support. DCPL Website icon

Rohit Srivastwa
Director Technology
Commonwealth Youth Games Pune

DCPL Website icon I am very happy with the Dimakh Consultants team. They made a very attractive website and helped me to change the new look and feel of my website. The e-commerce integration for online ticketing was very easy and user friendly which was done by Dimakh Consultants. I will strongly recommend their services for all web technology related work as one stop shop for all requirements. best regards. DCPL Website icon

Prashant Damle
Leading Marathi Cinema and Theater Actor

DCPL Website icon "Quality" of my product was something that i strongly desired. The result of my trust was above and beyond what i could have expected. Awesome Job! DCPL Website icon

Mr. Navjyot Singh


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