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AboutCovid Kavach App

Dimakh Consultants developed an application named as COVID KAVACH which was conceptualized by Dr Arvind Chopra and his associates in Centre for Rheumatic Diseases Pune in response to the requirement of the AYUSH COVID 19 research projects for Ayurvedic medicines in COVID-19, under the direction of MINISTRY OF AYUSH to track the daily symptoms and to provide real-time data on the clinical trial status of COVID-19 participants.

This was a perfect amalgamation of Engineering excellence and Medical innovation. COVID-19 was new and we had no earlier benchmark or prototype to implement. So the challenge for us was to fulfil all the needs of the Doctors and the medical staff and to make an app which was very user friendly and intuitive for the team and the participants to use and implement.



Create COVID-19 prophylaxis clinical trials analysis dashboard data with help of machine learning and artificial intelligence against the Corona Virus Pandemic



Contribute to Covid-19 pandemic management and support the trinity of Doctors, Medical Staff and users with 100% privacy.

Key Feature

None of the personal private data of participants is ever stored or recorded in the system which will reveal his/her individual identity.

  • The most important aspect of the app is to ensure 100% privacy of each participant.
  • With great efforts we were able to successfully launch the app within 6 weeks and were ready by June 2020.
  • Predictive analysis and timely system generated alerts

Global India Business Forum (GIBF) conducts regularly various awards recognising Significant contribution of Entrepreneurs and Professionals . GIBF had announced "Engineering Excellence Award" on the occasion of Engineer's Day to recognise engineering excellence.

This year's theme was Covid Support . We received many Nominations from various sources. Amongst several nominations GIBF selected COVID KAVACH APP BY DIMAKH CONSULTANTS for the Global India Business Forum (GIBF)"Engineering Excellence Award" 2020.

Testimonials What Doctors are saying

I am happy to write the testimonial for COVID KAVACH App developed by Dimakh Consultants Pvt Ltd and conceptualized by Center for Rheumatic Diseases Pune. The App is being used in clinical trials initiated by the Ministry of AYUSH and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

I congratulate Mr. Dimakh Sahasrabuddhe and his team for successful implementation of this App.

Dr. Arvind Chopra
Chief Clinical Coordinator
AYUSH-CSIR COVID-19 Clinical Trials (Govt of India)

Platform to monitor and update medical Information

This app helps and records participant data and supports keep updated information to the Medical practioners and Staff